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HP Pavilion G60 Power Button Board - 48.4H503.011

  • Condition:New
  • Warranty: 6 months,
  • Brand:HP / Compaq
  • P/N:48.4H503.011 br />
    Compatible Part number:
  • 48.4H503.01148.
  • 4H503.011
  • 219AR0208006
  • 50.4AI06.001
  • 50.4AH10.001,

    Compatible Laptop Models:
    Power BoardCompatible Models:Pavilion G50,G50,Pavilion G60,G60,Pavilion G60T,G60T,Presario CQ50,CQ50,Presario CQ50Z,CQ50Z,Presario CQ60,CQ60,COMPAQ Presario CQ50 series (CQ50Z, CQ50Z-100, CQ50-103, CQ50-104, CQ50-105, CQ50-106, CQ50-107, CQ50-108, CQ50-100, CQ50-100Z, CQ50-110, CQ50-115, CQ50-128, CQ50-130, CQ50-133, CQ50-139, CQ50-140, CQ50-142, CQ50-210, CQ50-211, CQ50-215, CQ50-217)

    Compatible Laptop Models:
    Power button boardCOMPAQ Presario CQ60 series (CQ60, CQ60Z-200, CQ60-100, CQ60-202, CQ60-203, CQ60-204, CQ60-206, CQ60-208, CQ60-210, CQ60-211DX, CQ60-212, CQ60-214DX, CQ60-215DX, CQ60-216DX, CQ60-218, CQ60-220, CQ60-224, CQ60-227, CQ60-249)

    Compatible Laptop Models:
    Power button boardPavilion G50 series (G50, G50-100, G50-102, G50-103, G50-104, G50-106, G50-108, G50-109, G50-111, G50-112, G50-114, G50-118, G50-123, G50-124, G50-126)

    Compatible Laptop Models:
    Power button boardHP Pavilion G60 series (G60T, G60T-200, G60-100, G60-117, G60-120, G60-123, G60-125, G60-127, G60-219, G60-230, G60-233, G60-234, G60-235DX, G60-236, G60-237, G60-238, G60-243, G60-247) power button board

  • €49.82


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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 12 March, 2011.